Does Music Enhance or Distract While Driving?

The majority of people will say that they listen to more music in the car than anywhere else in their lives. Many believe that it is actually beneficial for their concentration to listen to music whilst driving, but is that really true? Does listening to music while you drive actually help you to concentrate or provide a distraction? Could it even be dangerous?


Driving does affect the mood, there’s no denying that. Anyone who is feeling blue can cheer themselves up with some bright and happy music, anybody organizing a romantic dinner for two will undoubtedly choose something slow and romantic to set the mood for the evening. Athletes can also get more from their training sessions with some adrenalin pumping music to help them get stronger, fitter and faster.
Let’s take a look at the facts about music and driving.
Is Music Safe While Driving?
In one study of new, teenager drivers the findings were quite remarkable. In this study a total of 85 young drivers took part with an average age of 17 years and 7 months of driving experience since passing their test.


These young people were instructed to drive around a familiar route under the close scrutiny of a driving instructor and a researcher. Every time they made a driving mistake like tailgating, speeding or driving one handed there was a note made.
Three different types of music were played in the car during the journey:
• Music which was the choice of the driver – usually dance / trance type music
• Music which the researchers regarded as “”safe””
• No music at all
The drivers much preferred listen to their chosen genre of music, of that there was no doubt at all. Unfortunately whilst listening to their own brand of music considerably more driving mistakes were made. When their chosen music was playing they were distracted and drove with more aggression.
The study also discovered that “”safe”” music was safer than not having any music at all. Of course this study only included novice drivers so it is unknown what the effects would be on drivers with more experience.
Does Music Help You To Stay Alert?
Many people believe that listening to music while driving long distances will help them to stay alert. There is little evidence to support this theory however and if alertness is a problem then it is actually more beneficial for the driver to stop for power nap or drink coffee / energy drink.
Driving Sing-a-longs
There’s no denying that listening to music while you are driving does help the time to go faster and make the trip more enjoyable. What are the effects of singing along to your favorite tunes while you drive? Does it help you to concentrate or actually cause a distraction?


There aren’t any studies which prove or disprove these theories at the moment for experienced drivers but the bottom line is that novice drivers should try to resist the temptation of listening to their favorite tunes. It may make the driver feel good but is ultimately more dangerous and detrimental to their driving ability.
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